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Out of Country Travelers:

For information on vaccinations for travel visit Click on your destination for information on vaccines and other health information.

Immunizations for Children (0 through 18 years)

Price of vaccine for eligible children through the Vaccines for Children (VFC)  program is $15 per vaccine. 

To see if you are eligible for the Vaccines for Children Program, please click here or call us at 618-939-3871.

To view the immunization schedule for children 0-6 years old, please click here.

To view the immunization schedule for children 7-18 years old, please click here.

Diptheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (Dtap)

Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)

Haemophilius Influenza (Hib)

Polio (IPV)

Pneumonia (PCV 13)

Pneumonia (PNE 23)



Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

Chickenpox (Varicella)

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B


Immunizations for Adults (19 years and older)

To view the immunization schedule for adults, please click here.

Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)- $50

Tetanus, Diptheria (Td)- $45

Haemophilius Influenza (Hib) - $45


Pneumovax 23- $90

Prevnar 13 - $188

Hepatitis A- $50

Hepatitis B- $60

TwinRix- $75 

Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)- $95

Varicella- $130

Shingles- $215

Typhoid- $80

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)- $200

Meningitis- $125

Influenza- $25

High Dose Influenza- $50

Tuberculosis Skin Testing-
$15 for 1 step/ $25 for 2 step