The Private Sewage Disposal Program regulates methods of sewage disposal from facilities and residences that are not served by public sewer systems.

By ensuring that all sewage is discharged to a properly designed and operated private sewage disposal system, the Private Sewage Disposal Program helps eliminate transmission of disease and nuisances.

A permit must be obtained prior to the installation or repair of a private sewage disposal system.  All private sewage applications are reviewed and consultations are conducted in order to verify the proposed system meets the current Illinois Department of Public Health Private Sewage Licensing Act & Code and the Monroe County Private Sewage Ordinance


Complaints regarding nuisance conditions or possible failing private sewage disposal systems may be filed with this department.  All complaints are inspected in accordance with the Illinois Department of Public Health Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act & Code and/or the Monroe County Private Sewage Ordinance.


The Monroe County Health Department is available to conduct property transfer, or loan inspections for a fee of $200.  An application must be completed prior to scheduling the inspection.


A Subdivision Application must be submitted and reviewed for all subdivisions in Monroe County that are to be serviced by private sewage disposal systems.

Private Sewage Disposal Permit Application

ISCA Soil Classifier List

Subdivision Application

Aeration Systems Guidelines