A foodborne illness outbreakĀ is an incident in which two or more persons experience a similar illness resulting from the ingestion of a common food.

Individuals reporting suspected foodborne illness are required to provide information about their illness, eating/drinking habits and history as part of a foodborne/waterborne illness investigation. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

Foodborne & Waterborne Illness Reporting Form

Once you’ve completed the reporting form, you may submit it to your local Health Department by email, fax, or walk-in.

Email: cgoessling@monroecountyhealth.org
Fax: 618-939-4459
Address: 1315 Jamie Lane Waterloo, IL 62298

In case of suspected foodborne illness:

Seek treatment as necessary. If symptoms persist or are severe (such as bloody diarrhea, excessive vomiting or high temperature), call your doctor or seek care at your nearest emergency room or urgent care facility.

Call the Health Department if the suspected food was served at a large gathering, from a restaurant or other food service facility, or if it is a commercial product. You do not need to contact the suspected food source.

Preserve the evidence. If a portion of the suspected food is available, wrap it securely, mark “DANGER” and refrigerate it. Save all the packaging materials, such as cans or cartons. Write down the food type, the date, other identifying marks on the package, the time consumed, and when the onset of symptoms occurred.